What We Do

We provide accessible & affordable primary care of the highest quality.

Paradox Health is a family medicine clinic providing direct primary care.  It is purposefully designed to provide you with the best primary care experience at the most affordable price.  It operates on a membership model where each patient pays a monthly fee to receive unlimited visits with our doctors as well as almost any in-office procedure.

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Discounted Medication

Generic medications can be ordered for you at a highly discounted rate compared to what you might get at the local drug store.  Anything done outside of the office (labs & imaging) can be provided at a very reasonable negotiated rate with Quest Diagnostics™ or Oakland Imaging Diagnostics™.

What Paradox is not:

Paradox Health, or DPC, is not health insurance.  Paradox Health does not accept insurance as a form of payment and also does not participate in Medicaid or Medicare.  We encourage everyone to have some form of catastrophic insurance to cover the risk of medical emergencies that may result in the need for unpredictable care.  This includes being seen by a specialist, surgery, ER, or hospital expenses.

If you have questions about where to find such insurance or just need an affordable option, please call and inquire.  We are happy to lead you through the jungle that has become health care.

Are you satisfied with your healthcare?

If you are looking for a personalized experience at a predictable cost with a doctor who is responsive to your questions and concerns, Join Now!