What Our Patients Say

Our direct primary care physicians are attentive, compassionate, and caring. Paradox Health is a family medicine clinic that makes your healthcare more affordable, more accessible, and of higher quality. It is Direct Primary Care.

Patient Experiences

Holly’s Story – Time

“I get the time where we can sit and talk and he can educate me on my health specifically for questions that I might have and I can call him at any time. I text him and he’ll respond quickly with information… so I feel more empowered as a patient and that I’m participating in my healthcare”

Carl’s Story – Access

“I went from the horrible experience of having to wait in an emergency room and getting the steroid shot in the butt and costing a couple of hundred dollars to… talking directly to my doctor over the phone who understood my needs and was able to prescribe me something that was relatively inexpensive…and didn’t have to miss work, didn’t have to subject myself to a bunch of germs sitting in an emergency room waiting room… and was worth every penny that I paid Paradox Health… I feel like it’s concierge medicine it’s better.”

Cindy’s Story – Family

“Dr. Phil he was able to make an EpiPen in his office and it was about $15 so that really helped us out and Ethan’s doing great with his peanut drops he loves taking them he looks forward to the time of day where he gets to do his drops and hopefully, it’ll be helping us in the future so if you guys are looking for a physician who is willing to think outside of the box and work with you.”